Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Marko The Krangahape Rd Cleaner

The New  Zealand Herald Thursday May 3 featured a stoney and photo on Marko .

On Monday  7 May in  an abridged form they published this letter 

Inner city streets are a nightmares at various times of the day for residents let alone the people who do the often under appreciated, dirty jobs as Marko does. People like him keep our city liveable and help keep  us safe. He is one our ambassadors, with his guiding services to lost visors .He is also the eyes of the city for lost children or folk in difficulty. Small businesses would not be viable if Marko was not there too clean their stretch of footpath before they opened in the morning.
Fire fighters, nurses,police, bus drivers  and emergency service jobs are of course important and at times undervalued and unappreciated. However, we do know they are there with us.

The people like Marko  who provide  essential services, the dirtiest and unfashionable with minimal status  that keep our city moving, from underground workers who maintain sewage and drainage are seldom recognized.  We should value them  more. Without them out city would not be such an enjoyable place. .