Monday, September 23, 2013

Aucklands Crown Jewels

This blog was published as a letter  in the New Zealand Herald  Today Tuesday, 24   September , 2013.

 The Auckland waterfront and Hauraki Gulf are our regions crown jewels. Whether we win the Americas Cup, and I hope we do, the development of Westhaven is imminent. Every day fishermen, joggers, ramblers,   dogs and their owners, sailors, children and kayakers play in their hundreds there.
If we lose the dog friendly beach or price out the ability of most folk   from fishing or having a recreational life at Westhaven, we will damage the soul of our city.  

 From the fishermen who fish on the western side of the harbour bridge, the  venerable sailing clubs, the marina of fine yachts and floating gin palaces, cruise companies, the new apartments, Wynyard Quarter, the bustling viaduct harbour to the working port is the soul of Auckland.   It is organic.  This is not Disneyland.

 What we have is real.  It is about people.  It is Auckland.  The restored Shed 10 is wonderful.  It is gritty and reeks of maritime history. This is the key.

 The challenge is to have a recreational and commercial port that will serve future generations of Aucklanders.

The strength of our city is that all can enjoy these jewels of our city. Damage the soul and we damage Auckland.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ponsonby News Article - Local Board Elections

John Elliott, a well-known political commentator and voice of democracy in Ponsonby, also wrote the comments below in the September issue of the Ponsonby News.

America cup capsize;
The near capsize on San Francisco Bay this morning quickly brought a nations heartbeat  to a dead stop. Armchair sailors spilt rum or tea  and the drinks stopped for a moment in waterfront watering holes in ports everywhere .

Relief was on the faces or all and their silence  spoke more leagues than most have sailed on the waves. New Zealand’s aspirations and dreams were within seconds of being shattered before the sea gods looked after our boat today.

Via Team Emirates NZ Facebook page

 Our skipper and crew are among the finest sailors on the on planet. They seek higher things than fame and personal fortune. They sail with our nation's will and know if they can retrieve the cup, Auckland and New Zealand inc will be advanced more than political spin and sound bites of recent years .  Everything about this crew and their campaign is 100 % Pure New Zealand. That is why we love them .

This is what we would like to see