Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Three Lamps Ponsonby

The return of these lamps to Ponsonby is fantastic news.

It has been long awaited and would not of happened with out the generosity of the Cossar family as reported but also the efforts  of former Western Bays Community Board member  Bruce Kilminster who tirelessly pursed all options to get the Three Lamps back into their rightful place.Tricia Reade continued his fine efforts and she was able to bring the final negotiations to an ultimately successful conclusion. 

 Our ever increasing diaspora are  returning to the cities and towns  of their birth  often with mokapuna seeking to find where their forbears came from.  Film productions  are also seeking locations will find the return  Three Lamps most  satisfying  .They are a  wonderful  addiction to the historic neighbourhods of Freemens Bay and Ponsonby where people can connect with their soul.

Heritage buildings, street scape, including furnishings and  lighting are also  important .With the reinstatement  of the Three Lamps , the poll and foundations one would expect  be of the same style and standard .

To complete the picture the streetlights  around There Lamps should  complement and the undergrounding  of cables and telegraph wires should happen simultaneously .When this has been completed the Waitamata Board can congratulate themselves on a another  job well done. This will also help local retail and other commercial business.