Thursday, April 28, 2011

Annual Plan Submisson herad at Auckalnd City Thursday 28 April 2010

The Auckland region

RE Public Notification of Planning and Resource Consent Issues
- Bring back City Scene-type publication. Use funds allocated to the new Council publication “Our Auckland”, which is of entertainment value only and does not inform citizens about serious issues.
- Set up the ability for individuals to sign up for email alerts for notification of all resource consent applications and proposed plan changes in one or many local board areas.

RE Heritage Festival
- This festival belongs under the governing body’s umbrella, not ATEED’s., - This is an event to foster well-being of Aucklanders which needs to be funded by the governing body.
The Auckland Heritage Festival has grown over a few short years into a very well respected and successful local event. This festival’s success is due to it being local, natural and organic.
Each year new groups representing different parts of our society participate reflecting the diversity that makes Auckland the colourful city that we enjoy
I would be not only be inappropriate but a huge mistake, to prostitute this festival .The festival works because it is non commercial and also appeals to visitors to the region because they see the festival as genuine and special to Auckland .
It will each year become more important to Auckland and will produce economic benefits but this should be a secondary consideration. I am in favour of more publicity and using distribution channels which may attract people to specific events.
I have organised a number of events though many years and have promoted events though other channels as well as the council’s good offices. This marketing can be done through the community boards involving the services and connections available within the ward.
The primary purpose should always be about sharing our history, our social history and the beauty of all aspects of our physical history. This also builds connectivity within the city as citizens learn about our city and increases local pride and social benefits at local levels. These things cannot be imposed but will occur naturally.
ATEED will have agenda and priorities which will not fit comfortably with the ingredients that build this festival and may well hinder the values that are essential to this festival to succeed.

To commercialise the festival would not only be culturally inappropriate but may exclude some of the events which are intrinsic to the festivals success. We do not need to make an Auckland Disneyland.

Its format and organisation needs to have input from local boards and heritage organisations, not just determined internally by Council staff.

RE Built Heritage
- A full review of heritage protection policies and practices needs to be undertaken, to establish a new, truly transparent built heritage assessment system that applies throughout the whole Auckland Council area.
- A comprehensive assessment of Auckland’s built heritage, commencing with the central city area, needs to be undertaken for all buildings built more than 40 years ago.
- A package of genuine incentives should be developed for building owners to encourage and reward them for their protection, retention and enhancement of historic buildings.
The council should also fund independent expert witness to contest the experts of those who wish to remove the heritage protection or destroy the streetscape of a particular street or neighbourhood.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Slavery At Sea

Published the Sunday Star-Times Sunday 10 April,2011.

Michael Fields story Slavery At Sea is a sad indictment of things that should not be happening anywhere in the world let alone in Aotearoa .

The New Zealand regulatory authorities who turn a blind eye and the Iwi owned companies who choose to exploit third world people are both culpable .They also threaten the viability of the domestic companies and the employment of New Zealanders.

Fishing is a major industry in New Zealand and one that should employ more people . The quota system was designed to manage fish stocks but was also intended to sustain employment .

Our deep sea fishing fleet is in trouble if there is no investment is ships or plant . That Talley’s ships are now over twenty years old is a real concern for the local industry, and threatens the regional economy of ports like Nelson .The competition that is affecting the viability of the local industry is from locally owned Iwi companies.

These Iwi owned companies do have choices they do not have to operate as they do.

Maori have a strong fishing tradition and culture in fact many work for Talley’s.

These Iwi owned companies have the possibility of being responsible players in the industry and be known for a high quality operation. They could own their own ships and processing plants . To employ and provide a real career path for their Iwi members in all the seafaring skills in engineering , deck and master mariner tickets as well as catering would achieve for them the mana that Ngai Tahu have achieved in Tourism.

With these tickets and the opportunities there are many who would choose to work internationally in well regarded maritime companies or in their shore based manufacturing plants where there would be management positions for them too.

Perhaps the first step is to have an industry conference to develop a future for the industry and in the first instance to clean up the untenable problems that exist in the industry.

Minster Heatley this is called leadership.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Christchurch does not need a $500,000 Czar Tthe Minsrty of Works would have done the job.

Columnist Deborah Coddington Sunday 27 March whose Sunday Herald column that the government is not the solution ,they are the problem is out of touch with our New Zealand experience, In Christchurch they miss the Ministry of Works .

In Napier after the earthquake or in Samoa when cyclone Ofa ravaged this island paradise the ministry of works provided the many services the community needed , provided to government reliable and contestable reports on what needed to be done . They had the engineers and the bull dozers .

The engineers not only designed and built bridges, roads, buildings, and hydro dams they also new how to cost. .Many a private company executives checked their figures twice or more when the ministry officers were in the room.

This honest broker who the right liked to attack served New Zealand well . The worst criticism ever said about the Ministry of Works was that they over engineered.

Cabinet in governments of all political shades respected their ability and the capacity to get things done . They would also relied on their officials to hold private companies honest.

Columnist Fran O Sullivan writing in the Weekend herald 26 March describing John Keys year as annus horribilus was referring to Pike River, the international situation and the Christchurch earthquake .

His year would been better , Christchurch would be in a better space temporary Bailey bridges across the Avon for a start and a well costed budget all care of the MOW would have given all confidence .