Monday, April 4, 2011

Christchurch does not need a $500,000 Czar Tthe Minsrty of Works would have done the job.

Columnist Deborah Coddington Sunday 27 March whose Sunday Herald column that the government is not the solution ,they are the problem is out of touch with our New Zealand experience, In Christchurch they miss the Ministry of Works .

In Napier after the earthquake or in Samoa when cyclone Ofa ravaged this island paradise the ministry of works provided the many services the community needed , provided to government reliable and contestable reports on what needed to be done . They had the engineers and the bull dozers .

The engineers not only designed and built bridges, roads, buildings, and hydro dams they also new how to cost. .Many a private company executives checked their figures twice or more when the ministry officers were in the room.

This honest broker who the right liked to attack served New Zealand well . The worst criticism ever said about the Ministry of Works was that they over engineered.

Cabinet in governments of all political shades respected their ability and the capacity to get things done . They would also relied on their officials to hold private companies honest.

Columnist Fran O Sullivan writing in the Weekend herald 26 March describing John Keys year as annus horribilus was referring to Pike River, the international situation and the Christchurch earthquake .

His year would been better , Christchurch would be in a better space temporary Bailey bridges across the Avon for a start and a well costed budget all care of the MOW would have given all confidence .