Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Auckland Plan Heritage Polices

Sally Hughes of the Save our St Heliers is right to hold the Mayor to task on heritage.He does talk heritage but fails to walk his talk. The Brisbane city heritage rules are workable in Auckland too. City planners must be held to account by the Mayor. He does have a moral authority and for the sake of our city he should use the full force of this to protect Residential One housing stock.
 Correspondents to the Herald, Dave Miller, Margret McRae and Gordon Nelson have every right to be disappointed and cynical about the planning process. The actions of cavalier planners place at risk our heritage and communities as well as income that our city derives from tourists who walk, spend and enjoy the beautiful and colourful suburbs.

 To have lax rules and let planners play fast and loose with them will not sustain or increase the wealth of our  beautiful city. What they do is reduce the physical history  of our nation.