Saturday, May 12, 2012

58 Hakanoa Street Grey Lynn

Shale Chambers of the Waitemata Board is right. The integrity of the
Auckland Council’s resource consent system is in question. A week after the
Campbell Free Kindergarten open day, Mayor Brown celebrated the retention
of Heritage, our built heritage and our social heritage he said. Clearly
the emperor has no clothes.

 Mr Chambers comment in referring to the resource consent decision allowing
the removal of the house at 58 Hakanoa Street  indicates that “senior
council officer actively worked to subvert the very process that is now to
be encouraged” is concerning

The frustration for electors and for our elected representatives when it
comes to the rules about heritage and being actively undermined should not
be tolerated. When will these officers understand that they are the
servants of the community?

In researching the number of resource consent applications for residential
one housing it has been found  in excess of ninety five percent wish to
restore and renovate their villas.

Mr Birt and Ms Muxlow appear to be very creative but like us all, they
should obey the rules.