Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Enough is Enough

The following letter was published in the New Zealand Herald Wednesday 29 December 2010 in response to a letter from Councillor  Mike Lee in the New Zealand Herald Monday 27 December 2010

No one doubts the commitment of the former Auckland  Regional Council, especially Mike Lee and Sandra Coney, to the heritage buildings that are crucial to the Wynyard Quarter.
 However Aucklanders are concerned that despite a change in council,  the people we elected have not been able to stop the destruction of important buildings.
Mike Lee in his letter sums up best that the Art Deco society will have its day in court supported by Sandra Coney and himself.  There is no guarantee that the buildings listed by the Auckland Regional Council will be protected.
All sympathize with councillors Lee and Coney’s’ frustration. However what resources would The Historic Places Trust and  a small group like the Art deco society have? Courts are expensive places to go.
People voted by significant margins for a change of council  because they were exasperated by the time and costs involved in going to court and because they wanted a  council to stand up.  
 Now  is a time for leadership. Regardless of previous councils back room deals, we need the council to draw a line in the sand and send a message to all those who wish to destroy our city’s heritage, that their time is over .
Enough is enough.