Friday, December 24, 2010

We voted for a change

The decisions of Mayor Brown and his council to allow the demolition of important buildings at Wynyard  Quarter are distressing . Tens of thousands of Aucklanders voted for Mayor Brown and his team because we wanted change.  It now apparent that it is business as usual as the former council officers continue as if nothing has changed. Wanting to keep heritage buildings is not just sentiment .They are important to us for many  reasons;  economically they can help local business to prosper as visitors look for something different.  This is not rocket science .    Mayor Brown  must listen to the people and not be lead by his council officers. He needs to show leadership  or suffer the indignity of being a one term mayor. Five hundred people in St Heliers did not give up a Sunday afternoon for the hell of it .  We all want to live in Auckland and  want the city to reflect our values and for it to develop in such  a way that enhances what we have. Future generations also  have the  right to the  physical beauty of our buildings and the  streetscapes we enjoy .
Published  in the New Zealand Herald   Friday    24 December 2010