Thursday, January 13, 2011

It is Possible

This letter was published in the New Zealand Herald Thursday  January 15 titled Tourism  Potential

Auckland has many jewels including natural  and cultural . We can pump our local econmy by saving  our Heritage buildings ansd telling our stories.
All we need to do is take a breath and make the decision .Future generations will thank us.   

The reestablishment of a tram service around the a  Heritage district of the Auckland waterfront is great news for our economy . Many  agree with Gary Froggatt of the Tramway Union that a  tram services  should have been maintained. The retention of such services in San Francisco and Melbourne have been an enduring  goldmine for those cities. Tram barns remain in Wellington.  Their design could easily be copied    
If  our council can retain all the heritage buildings in the Wynyard quarter then this will provide real benefits. The veteran  ferry Kestrel whose return was also funded by the former Regional Council, can also provide an income. Our city council or more specifically  the Waitemata Community  Board,  should work with the local interests including the waterfront community to ensure that we have things happening in time for the Rugby World Cup.
If commonsense occurs and we find a suitable solution that enables the protection of the Turua Street art deco buildings this would be helpful or not only for  heritage but for the economy. Imagine the Kestrel or  the William Daldy with a  full complement of tourists aboard, cruising to St Heliers visiting the  galleries  in  Turua Street and attending live performance in the RSA Hall. We can only wish.