Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Our Civel Rights Should Not Be At Risk

This was published as a letter in the New Zealand Herald Wednesday 26 September ,2012 titled Civil Liberties At Stake

The bungling or whatever it is   by the Government Foreign Agency is
not acceptable in our democracy. ‘Mr Dotcom’s business which was a
legal entity under New Zealand law is now unable to operate.  He has
lost substantial sums of money. The police actions in storming his
home and also his civil rights have been rights interfered with to a
degree that is frightening.
In 1974 our then Prime minster Norman Kirk stood up to the security
intelligence Service (The SIS }  and stopped  them bugging people
homes . He warned about the about the coming computer age and wanted
safeguards introduced to protect New Zealanders from possible
intrusion by the state or security agencies into our lives.  Kirk was
Twenty seven thousand citizens marched in the streets of Wellington in
1977 against proposals that would put our rights  at risk.  We need at
this time an unequivocal statement from our government that our
citizens (Dotcom is one too) be they rich or poor, Maori or Pakeha
will be protected from the excess that have been dealt to Dotcom and
his family

. Mr Key says that the since he has been Primeminster the GCSB has
actually thoroughly professionally and within the law. The grounds for
this inquiry must be wider than the security agencies would  want to
ensure that the public as much as the Primeminster can have confidence
that our rights’ are secure.     Dotcom and his family are entitled to
such an enquiry and also an apology.