Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Joe Stalin looks at Don Brash with Admiration

Harold Wilson said that a week is a long time in politics.

Last week has certainly been that. ACT, an independent, sovereign political party was high jacked. A new political party Mana has appeared. Their one MP decided to resign from parliament and force a by election on us, months out from a general election.

What happened with ACT possibly happened in an Italian democracy before.

Two people who were members of another political party met with ACT leader and told him that his time had passed, he was toxic and could not do as well as they could. The leader, who holds elected positions as an electorate MP, is a Parliamentary leader and also a cabinet minister in the governing coalition walks. Amazing.

Stalin stirs in his grave. A smile of admiration rolls over his embalmed face.

The former leader who now is not toxic assures the Prime Minster that his party support to the government remains. His loyal deputy is currently on his knees assuring the assassin that he will be as loyal to him as he was to the previous leader and pleads to keep his cabinet positions.

The coup d'etat rolls on with the new leader meeting the Prime Minster and even siting in the actual parliament.

Wilson never imagined a week like that.