Sunday, May 15, 2011

Auckland Unleashed; Published in the New Zealand Herald Wednesday May 11

It is good that all representatives of our communities, both citizens and corporate are putting ideas forward to the Auckland Unleashed discussion.

Mike Bayley of Bayleys Real Estate has not thought this through as he does not incorporate heritage housing in his proposals for Auckland .

Protection of heritage housing in residential one has no place in his world. What is Auckland without our villas?

There is a real economic value in maintaining our heritage areas and streetscapes. Tourism being one.

The public realm needs to be expanded to accommodate the 50-60 000 extra residents he thinks will live in Auckland in the next 20 years . His estimation on these numbers may be underestimated .

If we are going to lose our back yards and live in apartments and terraces we need more public spaces for recreation. The city and city fringe parks are well utilised. At certain times of the day they are at near peak public use .

We will need not only more of them but also a mix of parks.

A place for energetic children will not work for elderly citizens. Footpaths will need to accommodate walkers , shoppers , strollers, mobility scooters and dogs.

Gerard Hill