Sunday, February 20, 2011

Food for Thought

With the Greens continuous rise in the polls do you think this would this have anything to do with the Labour party long public sleep on sustainability?

I read Rod Orum and agreed with almost everything he said in his page in the Star Times today . He also hammered the importance of sustainability.

Because of Labour previous championing of sustainability we were awarded the 2009 International Award for Sustainable Tourism.
This award is of considerable importance to New Zealand both economically and for increasing our already strong environmental reputation. This relates solely to the Labour Governments efforts and also to the many Tourism Business who work hard to maintain New Zealand good name.

When I spoke at a number of events in 2009 and 2010 on sustainability and talked about Norm Kirk and the saving of Lake Manapouri in each of these presentations young people asked me what party did he lead .

Labour has done much on the environment to be proud off . why do they not shout this from the rafters?

Labour in Australia this year gave the Greens a huge number of votes .

Do you think the National Party offering to Maggie Barry a list position is to pick up a number of those votes that Sue Kedgley used to deliver to the Greens?. I have blogged on Sue contribution.

I would have thought that Labour would have chased a number of those votes . In my meetings in Auckland with heritage and urban design people Sandra Coney’s and Sue Kedgley name are often bought by women.