Sunday, February 6, 2011


The epistle below was published in the New Zealand Herald Monday 7 February 2011as the Headline letter entitled NOT RIGHT TIME FOR CHINATOWN>

The suggestion for part of Auckland to become a Chinatown should be delayed until we have sufficient capital to make it work .
Wellington continue to embarrass itself with Wellywood. May our leaders spare Auckland the same derision.

Chinese Community representative Kai Luey is realistic with his comment that it would take a lot of investment and dedication to make it happen .

To pay a civic respect to the Chinese people who have both contributed much to Auckland and New Zealand and who have also been the victims of a past terrible discrimination a more fitting memorial would be more respected .

Councillor Lee and Waitemata Community board Chairman Chambers are correct that Ponsonby and Parnell should also be in plans to make Auckland a vibrant thriving city centre.

These suburbs contribute to the Auckland economy. Aucklanders come to dine and drink others including thousands of interactive tourists spend time and money in this Auckland’s heritage heartland. The council should investigate the many options to inshore that this is protected and enhanced. To have some progress in time for the Rugby Worlds Cup would be to Auckland’s advantage .