Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ponsonby News Election Coverage

The comments below  was published in the November issue of the Ponsonby News . I have received a number of phone calls and emails  from folk  including a number who are political party members of all shades  who share my concern that the election  tactics that were used aginst me were unwarranted  and in the words of one down right nasty .

Many commented  that we are lucky  to have the Ponsonby News as it provided for residents of the Waitemata ward the best election coverage . Again thanks to the Ponsonby News for this public service.

 I would like to thank the Ponsonby News for excellent local election content. Without their stories and analysis the voters would know little about the candidates for the local ward.

 All who run for public office are entitled to respect for offering themselves and as a community we should encourage people to run and we all should vote.  Of note are the independents.   They do not have the resources, the brand of the political machines. I know now how challenging it is to run as one.

  This was compounded by the faceless and spineless folk who rang claiming to be local media, and complained to council and the returning offices about minor mistakes on flyers and holdings. Unfortunately this distracted from meaningful debate over local issues.

These tactics are of political apparatchiks’ from the cold war and have no place in local government campaigns.

Putting all  into context the 2340 people  who voted me I really appreciate and thank them their support 

I congratulate all the successful candidates and may they put local into local and community into community.

 Gerry Hill