Friday, July 12, 2013

Auckland Public Hospital

On Friday evening fifth of July   I was rushed to Auckland Hospital with an acute problem and just was discharged on Tuesday  9 July .
 Auckland Hospital is a first world and first-class hospital, and their duty of care exceeded my expectations. Their point of difference was the professionalism and extreme warmth from the cleaners, nurses, doctors and surgeons. The nursing staff were of many different nationalities and were friendly and good-humoured to the multiracial patients, including speaking to other patients in their first language.
Many people are critical of our healthcare system, but I can only commend it, from my arrival at triage through to the operating theatre and ward I was staying in. I was also surprised by the quality of the food, which was far better than I had expected. If your doctor recommends going to Auckland Hospital, have no fear. Based on my experience you will get not only the best treatment but your expectations will be exceeded.