Sunday, June 23, 2013

Demoracy or process and procedure: what's best for you?

This blog was published in the New Zealand Herald entitled 'Local Board Candidates'.
Monday June 24

Your correspondent Anne–Marie Coury raises valid points that voters should consider in voting for local board candidates.
Much of the intent and the functions have been pushed down from council to local board level. For local boards to achieve what the Auckland Plan intended requires some skills. The task of local boards is challenging because they have little funding.

Funding issues are currently impacting with the Ponsonby Master Plan. There is a rush to have plan completed. Funding issues are one of the contributing reasons.

If boards were better funded more time would be available and citizens would not feel bulldozed as many do who are giving much time in contributing to this plan.

Arguably we may have produced a more considered plan that would work for future generations. 

I agree with Ms Corey that “citizens of vision including community building and passion for advocating for inclusiveness on principle” are required. The Ponsonby experience is that it is process driven and the philosophy that the ends will justify the means will produce a sustainable result.

This will not be so. Community support involves local knowledge and democracy, not process, as its driving force.