Friday, May 3, 2013

Horomia: One Of A Vanishing Breed

This  post  was published in the New Zealand Herald, Saturday May 4, 2013 as their letter of the week.

It is unlikely that we shall see the likes of people like him in our parliament again.

Parekura Horomia had many influences that shaped him into the impressive man and minister who he became. Perhaps his greatest experience came through his life. He was not born of privilege or wealth and his major education came through the school of hard knocks.

Less than a generation ago our parliament had people like him in all parties. Their experience bought real benefits to our parliaments and also to legislation.

Parties then also made and campaigned for policies and no one had heard of focus groups. No locals electorate race would have been trivialized as to the battle of the babes.

It is difficult to see any of our current parties selecting candidates for winnable seats or top list positions who in anyway are like Parekura.

Today our parliament is in the main, full of people who lack his life experience. They have a very different experience often coming through working for minsters, or in party research and  media offices.

Our parliament which has always had people of real ability and thankfully this situation remains. The loss of members who have not come through the school of hard knocks is a loss of humanity and considerable talent.

Rest in peace Parekura, you will rest with giants