Friday, February 8, 2013

Music in Parks Programme 2013

This year programme of events was unquestionably well-intentioned, but has not worked as intended. 
To provide events throughout the new Auckland city is challenging.  For decades every Sunday the Domain has attracted hundreds sometimes thousands of people who bring their picnics, their extended family and friends and listen to the music.
This summer there have only been two events in the domain. We have been to other venues that attracted far fewer people. To pull events from the domain is a very short sighted decision.
The Wynyard Quarter served the same purpose for Films in the Park. They were developing a real following and if the silos were home base the programme would only grow. The films had been moved from there too. 

Thankfully we have them back after good work by Waitemata local board member  Rob Thomas  and board chair,  Shale Chambers. All power and praise to these fine local  representatives .May they be as successful in getting Music In Parks back on track too. 

Fittingly with the Ponsonby Pride Festival, having Priscilla Queen Of The Desert on February 15  is a wonderful choice which thousands will enjoy.
This is not to say that the outer suburbs should not have events.  Of course they should but not at the expense of the central city.
City events were so popular because they are world class. Sprinkling them throughout the city has made it harder for people to get to them so attendances have dropped drastically.
They represented the best of and the aspirations of Auckland. Both venues are well served by public transport and are safe and stunningly attractive.