Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Auckland Thespians come out for Gay Rights

At Maidment theatre last night some of Auckland  liberal community turned out in force.

 Sequined   drag queens, twenty three  actors including Robyn Malcolm and Peter Elliot,  fag hags, stars,  singers,politicians  including Labour MP Jacinda Adern  all celebrated this victory and in questions and answers  after the show reflected on the New Zealand situation .In common cause they drank fine  wine and mineral water.

A proposal known as   Proposition 8 galvanized the social liberals and gay community of America  to defeat this legislation   banning  gay marriage . This play is about the  successful court case led by lawyers Ted Owens and David Boise to the  the American Supreme Court ruled that proposition 8 was unconstitutional .

  Buckwheat  and Tess Tickle doing their bits for gay rights

In the United States prominent actors including  George Clooney ,Brad Pitt and Jamie Lee Curtis have acted in this play. The leading New Zealand actors who  also  taken up the call should be recognized..   All power to them

  It was a full house and the writer was unable to get tickets .