Saturday, March 10, 2012

Letter to Len Brown

Kia ora Len ,

We had the greatest respect for you as Mayor of Manukau . When you put your hat into the ring for  Auckland we were excited .

We donated funds to your campaign. Sally  and I delivered  and paid our staff to deliver your leaflets. We also worked the Ponsonby Business Community to vote for you and achieved some success.
 We have been concerned  about your lack of understanding of the importance of heritage buildings to our community, but have kept our  comments to a few trusted friends .

However, our disappointment on your view about the port workers and you refusal  to take a principled stand for these workers has reached new levels. Under previous boards which have been led by experienced ship mangers such a Peter  Dunlop, the port worked well, productivity improved  and industrial peace was maintained .

You expectation of a twelve percent return has always been fanciful and has contributed  to the current situation in the port. We would all like 12% returns, or 25% , or whatever number is pulled out of a hat, but it is just not possible.

The public do not accept that you have sit on the sideline in this dispute and nor do we .
We believe if you met with both parties and came  a realistic settlement then your re-election is more likely.  The mana that would be achieved by reaching a solution would become the stuff of legends .
If you don’t many of your supporters will regard you as a Claytons Labour mayor. The position you  have taken aligns  you not with your people but with John Key,  the man who  is also kicking your  aspirations for a transport solution for your city, for a six .
We  urge you to become the leader we all hoped you would be and come out of this dispute with honour.