Monday, January 30, 2012

Brown Street Ponsonby Knocking Shop

The decision to allow the Brown Street Ponsonby  brothel to continue  to operate without a resource  consent is wrong.

This decision by council  offices  is  akin to putting the cart before the horse. This  is  the formula that council planners work by . The brothel is not the issue and it is not  the only business to be given this favour .Boutique  accommodation has also been allowed to operate in this way . Well run and legitimate businesses are like good and considerate  drivers, they  obey the rules .
If the council allows any business to operate without resource consent  why would business owners go to the effort and cost to do  things properly and safely?
For Brown Street residents the issue is not the brothel. The issue is with people working in a business that offers  thirty minute to an hour service so the resulting  traffic movements in a narrow residential  street is simply not manageable .There will be issues such as noise and sometimes lost and  inebriated men will disturb neighbours at unreasonable times.
Businesses can create problems in neighbourhoods that’s why it is essential to have resource consent to ensure the public interest  is served .