Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sports Muesum Proposal

This proposal was accepted by the Western Bays Community Board and has been referred to the Auckland City Council.

To Tam White, Head of Democracy Services Western Bay Community Board

Western Bays Community Board


Dear Board Members,

Subject: Campbell Free Kindergarten Building Victoria Park, Freemans Bay

Congratulations to all involved who have secured the retention of this building. I fully support your intensions to make it a public space. I would like to purpose that all endeavours should be undertaken so that the renovation is completed well before the 2011 Rugby World Cup. I suggest the first use for the building would be as a temporary gallery or museum which pays tribute to all the sporting codes of Ponsonby and Freemans Bay. These would include the Ponsonby Ponies Ruby League Club, City Newton’s Rugby League Club, Grafton United Cricket Club, The Ponsonby United Football Club (soccer), The Ponsonby Rugby Club, and also some recognition to Auckland netball teams. It is worthy of note that the first rugby league game in New Zealand was played at Victoria Park, and 2011 is the centenary of netball in New Zealand.

I have discussed this project with Graeme Osborne the Chief Executive of Tourism Auckland, who believes this would be a wonderful addition to the Rugby World Cup. Should the Western Bays Community Board accept this proposal I would be prepared to work with you to approach the various sporting codes to ascertain their interests. I would hope that perhaps they would be prepared to have some of their teams to act as guides and ambassadors during the world cup. If there is sustained interest and we have a quality product perhaps we can further extend the museum period during the summer of 2011/2012.

I would like to appear in front of the board at your next meeting to discuss this project and answer any questions.

Gerard Hill

30 Ponsonby Terrace