Thursday, February 25, 2010

LE Sud See It Now

Le Sud by Dave Armstrong

A couple of nights ago we saw The Auckland Theatre Company’s laugh out loud production Le Sud at the Maidment Theatre. Even the parking ticket we got while inside did not spoil the evening. The season finishes on the 6th of March so there is still time to book at .

The cast includes some of New Zealand’s top actors: Jennifer Ward-Lealand, George Henare, Andrew Grainger, Gregory Cooper, Michael Lawrence and Miriama McDowell. Jennifer, a Grey Lynn resident who also sings in the Jubilation Choir and her rendition of the Marseillaise made us feel we should be on our feet, hands on heart. Especially as that is the anthem of the South Island.

Le Sud is hilarious, topical and fast paced. Socialist, French speaking South Zealanders have it all whereas the poor old English speaking North Zealanders have to go cap in hand to the French for a lower power price. The teflon coated Prime Minister of the North is stymied by his relationship with two tiny parties represented by a militant Maori female and a right wing free market man. Sound familiar? It is very topical and has a go at the Super city as well.

We need more of this type of comedy and I cannot recommend it enough.