Friday, January 1, 2010

Letter published in New zealand Herald 31 /12 09

Phil O’Reilly is correct that we should we should think in a more realistic and holistic way about the environment , however,

he is wrong that it is a fantasy that sets us up to fail.

We are the youngest country on earth and in good shape.

Clean & Green is an ideal that we as a country should strive to be. This is achievable if there is the will.

It is not an economic mistake to work towards a more sustainable world. The tourism industry has worked hard and has put runs on the board for New Zealand whether it is Air New Zealand or smaller operators who have invested capital and have put practices in place which reduce our consumption of resources.

This is a point of difference and brings business and foreign exchange to New Zealand.

Phil may be trying to soften public opinion because some of New Zealand industry is will not change its ways. These companies which do things such as fish unsustainably and lose us valuable export markets and gain us bad international press should be encouraged to improve their practices. Perhaps Phil should work with them and others to improve their game?